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Rebuilt Plasser 09-16 C.A.T. Rebuilt SSP 100 Machine

Used DGS 62N

  The Plasser Dynamic Track Stabiliser DGS 62-N is a heavy duty, dynamic stabiliser machine. Stabilizers are used after the tamping machines have finished tamping and straightening the track. The stabilizers are surface vibration devices that compact and stiffen the track-bearing ballast bed, thereby securing the track more firmly in the ballast and improving the resistance. After using a stabilizer the ballast bed will settle less in the future because of passing trains. The DGS 62 N stabilizer has a measurement station for the lateral resistance of the ballast bed.

  The year model of the DGS62N is 1988.
  Wheelset, axles and transmission: wheelset and suspension requires refitting.
  Engine: Works.
  Hydraulics: Some small components missing.
  DGS Stabilizing Units: Works.
  Complete logbook and history (service Plasser).
  One owner. Technical comment: Worked 35 Shifts YTD.
  System TPWS (OTMR).
  Plasser automatic Control System.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.
  +The Optional: The rebuild in REM plant (REM warranty: 06 months)
  +The Optional: New REM DGS Stabilizing Units

Total weight: 61t
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Lenght: 18,340 mm
Wight: 2,650 mm
Height over top of rail: 3,690 mm
Towing Capacity: yes
Brake Description: Pneumatic
Capable - of being towed: yes
Work under, line overhead line equipment: yes
Train formation speed: 80 km/h
Self-propelled speed: 95 km/h

 Plasser DGS62-N in action

 Photos DGS62-N.

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