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REMTECHSTROY GROUP is a consortium by EC companies, REM factories and factories suppliers in EC, Bulgaria, DE, Russia, USA, China, Iran, India and etc. offering numerous complex REM™ services and REM™ products, servicing wide range of industrial enterprises in power engineering, ore mining, mineral processing, chemical, railway, transport, machine– building, shipbuilding and ship– repairing industry.

The high professionalism of services is product of the application of most modern achievements and technologies, patents, company “know – how”, improvement and qualification of the technical personnel, long – years expert and practical experience of the managing body on remedy of failures and solution of complicated technical problems in industry.

The high quality of industrial repair effected, the one – year guarantee period and the long after – repair term of exploitation of repaired facilities is the basic motive to choose Remtechstroy Group as a correct and reliable partner from well – known companies like: “Devnya cement” JSC – Italcementi Group, National Railway Infrastructure Company Bulgaria, “Bulgarian State Railways” EAD (BDZ EAD), “IR” India Railways, Iranian Railways , “RZD” Russian Railways, “OSE” Greece Railways, JSC "NC "KTZ" Kazakhstan railways, Mini Maritsa East EAD, STOMANA INDUSTRY SA , Kaolin AD , Port – town of Varna etc.

REM™ railway machinery has taken a high share in Asia and EC construction railway machinery market over the years. Our products have been exported to all over the world, covering the Е C, U.S.A, Egypt, Southeast Asia and many other countries and regions, and enjoy high reputation in the customers.

There are high-quality staffs in REMTECHSTROY GROUP , including about 200 engineers and technicians, covering one-fifth of the staffs. REM R&D Center was one of the first batches of " State Level Enterprise REM R&D Center ”. In 1980 was founded SL "PT" of WPR [NPL po TZP /T U-Varna (Secret) Scientific Laboratory of Production Technology of Welding Production and repair] with main activity: Specialized Repair and Welding parts, Military equipment and Heavy machinery under direct subordinates the Ministry of Defence of The Republic of Bulgaria. It lays the foundation for the basic research of REMTECHSTROY GROUP, REM™ Services, REM™ products and improves the research level of REM™ railway construction machinery basic theory and product development level.

REMTECHSTROY GROUP enjoy high reputation due to the high-quality products and enlarge the market share relying on the excellent service. REM based itself upon Varna , Targovishte and Devnya Special Economic Zone to cater for the need of both domestic and international markets. More than 10 offices and branches, 120 agents and 08 service centers have been set up all over the EC and the world. REMTECHSTROY GROUP is ready for providing more products and better service to customers.

Thanks for choosing REM™ railway machinery. Your visit and instruction are cordially welcomed.

Power of Constructors
REM™ has taken part in many national landmark projects since it was founded (EC Railways).

Force of Peace
REMTECH™ cooperated with army. REM™ product and service are designated by the army.


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