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Rent Self-propelled Rail-Welding Machine PRMS-4

   Self-propelled rail-welding machine PRSM-4 is intended for electric resistance welding of rail butts. The machine can weld the rails laid in the track over which the machine moves os well as rails placed inside or outside of this track at a distance up to 2600 mm from track axis.

  The year model of the PRSM-4 is 2003.
  Engine: DEU200.1Q - Hrs. 2758.
  Weld Units: K900U1 (RU)- Works perfectly, 3001 pct weld a controller SIEMENS.
  Complete logbook and history (service).
  Weld System for Registration: YES - WeldReg.
  The price for RENT: For Price and More Information Call.

Total weight: 36t
Broad Gauge Track: 1520 mm, 1435 mm
Lenght: 13,100 mm
Wight: 3,030 mm
Height over top of rail: 3,615 mm
Cross section area of rails welded, mm2 6.400 - 10.000
Maximum load from wheel part to rails, tf: 19,5
Undercarriage without bogie
Output, butts/h: 12
Train formation speed: 100 km/h
Self-propelled speed with towed load of 90 t: 80 km/h

  REM options:
PRSM-4 in action

 Photos PRSM-4.

  Photos Weld registration software for wireless transmission via GPRS

Photos WeldReg - Server on central computer with internal database and online monitor

  Photos Weld certificate - Screen shot of the WeldRegister database

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