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Rebuilt 2011/2012 Ballast Wagon FCCS

Rebuilt Railway Track-Laying Crane TL-70/REMv1.0 (Modernized version of REMTECH)


  The TRACKLAYER TL-70 is a multi-purpose machine which is used for replacing and laying track and turnout elements. The machine runs on four hydraulically driven caterpillar tracks, which are located on arms that can be telescoped horizontally and vertically. The machine is capable of redirect route of 90 degrees and moving in lengthwise and crosswise direction of railway track. The machine can lift and move loads of up to 40 metres in length and five metres in width and weighing up to 36 tonnes. The tracklayer is a radio-remote-controlled straddle carrier on four caterpillar tracks, and can move in any direction.
  The TRACKLAYER TL-70 is ideal solution for transporting and laying turnout and track panels. Tracklayer is the fastest way to replace turnouts and invincible in it’s manoeuvrability and flexibility. Desec also specialises in tailor-made lifting devices, railway cranes and supply of turnout transport wagons.
  Railway track-laying crane TL-70/REMv1.0 (Modernized version of REMTECH) is modernization, special development and design by R&D Center “REM" with possibility for modernization in a REM plant by request of the client of standard track-laying crane new or old TL-70 (Plant Finland). Railway track-laying crane TL-70/REMv1.0 is automated with built – in autonomous systems: for full remote control, for radars, GPS, and other REM systems. Our clients obtain a new class of Railway track-laying crane with 12 month REM warranty.
  Successful integration in the machine of patents, REM know – how and innovative REM systems for automation, control, diagnostics and securing of the work of the main key units and components (as per individual requirements and needs of each client), give the opportunity to any client to have a unique modern Railway track-laying crane with customized requirements: with no analogue worldwide as to volume of further upgrading systems and automation. Each additional system gives unique opportunities for expanding of the capabilities of the machine, which generally result in minimum direct participation and engagement of a machine operator of upgrade, control and supervision during work:
  REM Remote Control

The year model of the TL-70 is September 2009 (Production Plant Filand 09-2009 year).
  The rebuild was in 2011/2012 (Plant REMTECH).
  The Railway track-laying crane TL-70/REMv1.0 (Modernized version 1.0 of REMTECH)
  Axles and transmission: Works perfectly, after revision 2011/2012 (Plant REMTECH).
  Engine: Works perfectly, after revision 2011/2012 (Plant REMTECH).
  The REM warranty: 12 months, (Option for new customer:12+6 months).
  Complete logbook and history (service REM).
  Rebuild machine: Technical comment: (REM Worked: 000 Shifts YTD: 000).
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria and etc.: For Price and More Information Call.
  The price for New TL-70 is EXW Plant Finland: --.---.--- $


Total weight: 52 t
Lenght: 16,450-25,450 mm
Wight: 3,460-6,860 mm
Height over top of rail: 2,825-5,025 mm
Load-lifting capacity: 36 t
Maximum lenght of laid or dismantled rail sections: 35-40 m
Maximum width of the rail road sections: 5,500 mm
Maximum height of lifting: 2,850 mm
Tractive effort: 140 kN
Attendance, persons: 3
Self-propelled speed (Maximum/Work): 30 km/h / 15 km/h
Engine Model: German Deutz BF6M 1013C
Engine Rated power: 156kW/ 2200r/min

 The TL-70 in action

 Photos TL-70 after REMTECH Rebuilt.

 Photos TL-70 after modernization REMTECH.

  REM options:

   FREE of charge REM options included in the contractual price as a standard delivery for the end customer:
   REM Remote Control
+Free option 1: The REMTECH to train Railways technicians on machine operation and maintenance in the REMTECH manufacturer plant.
+Free option 2: Technical documents for operating, maintenance and repairs as well as spare parts catalogues in English or Russian language.
+Free option 3: Adjustment of the machine as per the requirements of the Buyer.
+Free option 4: R/C (Remote Control) - Remote control of Railway track-laying crane. The basic advantage of the crane remote control is the lack of mechanic connection between the control panel and the crane itself.
+Free option 5:
This price comprises spare parts for maintenance of the machine for the next 5 years.

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  ADDITIONAL OPTIONS against assitonal payment at client's desire:

+REM CCTV: Video surveillance system. Protective function: Warning upon attempts for penetration by foreign persons during the stay of the machine at stations. The video surveillance option may be used for visual survey/inspection of the machine and protections of its most important parts – operating elements, power and electronics.

+REM Pilot GPS: System for collection and recording of control data and operating parameters of the main operating elements, as well as parameters of motion and determining of current location of Railway track-laying crane TL-70 in real time through a GPS.

+REM Radar: System for safety and protection of the working staff and team servicing the Railway track-laying crane TL-70 operation, through automated location of objects moving along the rail road through a radar technology. Range of location of trains at a distance farther than 5000 meters. Velocity of moving of an object 10-300 km/h. Time for reaction of the radar and issuance of a warning signal: up to 15 seconds.

+REM Doctor ODS (On-line Diagnostics System) -
The On- line diagnostics system can be used in Railway track-laying crane TL-70 and all models of REM mechanization with the purpose of control of the operation status and operation assessment of the technical status of main units and apparatus, guarantee and post – guarantee operation control by a REM servicing centre. The systems gives opportunity for archiving of parameters liable to diagnostics, prognostics on the working capacity and the motor capacity of railway mechanization in general for the whole machine and separately of each unit and apparatus.
  The system integration with REM Pilot GPS system, gives opportunity for creation of a fully automated working positions (railway enterprise dispatcher, direction, servicing centre etc.), gives further opportunity to obtain information in real time mode for the GPS location of the machine, and for the working parameters of operation with the purpose of entire control of the equipment used upon work in “windows”, preventive control and avoidance of failures of expensive units and apparatuses.

  The system is used for:
  • operating assessment of the technical status of units and apparatus, and reducing the risk of failure of the equipment upon work in “windows”;
  • considerable reduction of expenses for servicing and repair of the machine compared to the collection of statistics data upon various operation modes of the equipment, the information collected in the form of database of the system can be used for implementation of scheduled – preventive types of repair;
  • collection and uniting of the whole information entering from the machine control system, as well as control sensors of the system for diagnostics and sensors of the technological and auxiliary equipment;
  • registration of the parameters of the technical state of the main units and apparatuses upon various operation modes;
  • visualization of a detailed and complete “picture”: control and warning information to the machinist and the servicing staff;
  • GPS / Internet data transmission, alarming upon overload through a SMS;
  • Emergency stop of the engine (unloading from the overload) upon measurement of critical parameters (risk parameters of operating) of operating units and apparatuses, with continued recording of the parameters after full stop of the machine.


++REM Rebuilt UK25/9-18MP - Motor flat car UK-25/9-18MP(УК-25/9-18МП) is designed to fulfill operations together with the Track Laying Crane UK-25/9-18 while dismasting and laying the track by rail sections of 25 m with wooden or reinforced-concrete sleepers at construction and repair works of railway tracks. Movement of the flat car is governing from cabin or REM R/C (Remote Control).

  The year model of the UK25/9-18MP is 1984 (Production Plant RU 2004 year).
  The rebuild was in 2011/2012 (Plant REMTECH).
  The Motor flat car UK25/9-18/MPREMv2.0 (Modernized version 2.0 of REMTECH)
  Axles and transmission: Works perfectly, after revision 2011/2012 (Plant REMTECH).
  Engine: Works perfectly, after revision and repair 2011/2012 (Plant REMTECH).
  The REM warranty: 12 months, (Option for new customer:12+6 months).
  Complete logbook and history (service REM).
  Rebuild machine: Technical comment: (REM Worked --- Shifts YTD ---).
  Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm, (Valid revision with start date in 2011/2012 with allowance (limit) for free movement on EC Railways).
The Optional: Broad Gauge Track: 1520 mm, (Valid revision with start date in 2011/2012 with allowance (limit) for free movement on RU, Belarussian and etc Railways).

  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria and etc.: For Price and More Information Call.
  The price for New UK25/9-18MP is EXW Plant RU: -.---.--- $


Load-carrying capacity: 66t
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm, The Optional: 1520 mm
Lenght over axis of automatic couplings: 18,090 mm
Wight: 3,250 mm
Height maximum: 4,520 mm
Number of sections in a bungle:  
- with reinforced-concrete sleepers: 6 pcs
- with wooden sleepers: 7 pcs
Tractive force while breakaway on a platform: 14 tf min
Train formation speed: 80 km/h
Self-propelled speed: 30 km/h
Tractive rffort of winch for pulling rail bundles:: 6 tf, min
Attendance, persons 2
Number of winches for pulling rail bundles: 2 pcs
Mass: 56 t

 Photos UK25/9-18MP before Rebuilt.

  ADDITIONAL OPTIONS against assitonal payment at client's desire:
  REM Remote Control

+New motor ЯМЗ-238М2-2 – Modernization and replacement of the old model of motor У1Д6-С4, year of manufacture 2004, with a new diesel engine model 2011 – ЯМЗ-238М2-2 with a lower fuel consumption. Reinforcement of the support frame under the motor.

+New Generators П-111П (2 pcs) – Dismantling of the old generators П-111П and installation of a new model of generators 4ПНГУК315М (analogical generator with improved features).

+New electric motors ДК-309А (4 pcs) – Dismantling of the old motors and installation of new traction electric motors ДК-309А.

+New Pumps Н-401Е (2 pcs) – Dismantling of old pumps and installation of new ones Н-401Е.

+New electric motors – dismantling of old ones and installation of new electric motors Д-806, Д-41 and Д-31.

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