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Rcm70 Coal H

  Rcm70 hopper wagon is a kind of side wall bearing all steel hopper wagon without cover. It's loading capacity is 70 ton.
It's loaded from the top, unloaded from the bottom with, top lock device and two grade drive, it can be unloaded by manual or air dumper, capable of loading great quantity and dependable in structure.
It adopts 25t axle weight crossing supporting bogie (K6 bogie)

  Main component, such as under frame, side wall, end wall, bottom gate and back hopper are all made by atmospheric erosion resisting steel which is 450 Mpa bending strength. The center sill is made of Z shaoe high stength steel of 450 Mpa bending stength.
  Air brake system uses stepless empty and load automatic regulator.
Loading capacity: 70 ton
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Tare weight: <23.8 ton
Capacity: 75 m3
Coefficient of tare weight: 0.34
Total weight: 93.8 ton
Vehicle length: 14.4 m
Max. height of vehicle: 3780 mm
Vehicle coupler central line height(empty): 880 mm
Number of car door: 4
Special volume: 1.07 m3/ton
Load per meter of track: 6.5 ton/m
Axle load: 23 ton
Commercial operation speed: 120 km/h
Min. radius curvature negotiable: 145 m
Length between bogie pirot centers: 10.5 m
Vehicle Max. width: 3200 mm
Wheel diameter: 840 mm
On-off connecting rod level self-locking eccentricity distance: 15 mm

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