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  Tamping machine REM C32III (*08-32) automatic leveling lifting & lining tamping machine can self-propelling at both high and low speed with step double sleeper (32 tamping tines). It is mainly used for new rail line construction, tamping of the stone ballast on the shoulder of track bed, realizing auto leveling lifting and lining operation to enhance the intensity of stone ballast and stability of permanent way. In addition, it can also remove the directional deflection, whether left or right, front or rear to meet the requirement of line design and maintenance standard, and therefore ensure the safety of vehicle operation.
  • The tamping machine REM C32III integrates mechanical, electric, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and employs advanced technology as electro-liquid servo control, auto detection and computer control, etc.
  • Walk-step double sleepers tamping mode is introduced. In addition, the machine also possesses high-speed self propelling function.
  • In case of high sped running. The machine will be driven hydro-mechanically. During working and working travel, it will use hydraulic driven mode. The machine is built with reliable transmission, advanced control and easy control features.
Main dimensions (L × W × H): 19190 mm × 3140 mm × 4300 mm
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Mass, ton, not more: 58 ton
Maximum speed under own output: 100 km/h
Maximum speed in a train composition: 120 km/h
Emergency stopping distance: ≤ 400 m (straight railway, at a speed 80km/h)
Minimum working radius: 120 mm
Operational efficiency: 1000 m/h – 1300 m/h
Wheel base: 1800 mm
Distance between pivot - centers: 11500 mm
Wheel diameter: 840 mm
Maximum Cant: 150 mm
Maximum working gradient: 33%
Operational efficiency: 1000 m/h – 1300 m/h
Minimum radius of curve negotiated: 100 m


Technological tolerance of the machine in a process of operation:
Maximum liffing capacity: 150 mm
Maximum lining capacity: 150 mm
Horizontal working precision: ± 2 mm
Vertical working precision: ≤4 mm (10 m in line height difference from the two test points)
Lining precision ± 2 mm (20 m chorg every 10 m distance versine from the two points)


Model DEUTZ F12L513
Rated power 268 kW

  Introduce center lube-supply unit, can realize automatically provide lube to relevant lube point. Highly increase working efficiency and reliability, decrease working intensity.

  Straight tine tamping unit - 32 tamping tools


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