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REM 20ZII Ballast Planing Machine (without hopper) perform their work before or after tamping the track. The machines distribute the ballast evenly and restore the ballast bed profile, which gives the ballast bed the required lateral resistance.
Technical Data, UIC 505-1 cabarite/loading gauge
Track gauge: 1435 mm
Diesel engine Deutz 222kW / 2300r/min
Model: Deutz, air-cooled engine diesel engine
Drive model Full hydraulic drive
Brake model Air brake and parking hand brake

Demension Specification
Overall length: 12500 mm
Maximum wight: 3240 mm
Maximum height: 3950 mm
Distance between pivot bogie/centers: - mm
Wheel base/Wheel diameter: 5500 mm/ 840 mm
Number of bogies: 2
Mass, ton, not more: 32 ton

Maximum operation /distributing and profiling/ speed: 0 ~ 1900 m/h
Maximum speed under own output: 100 km/h
Maximum speed in a train composition: 120 km/h

Minimum curve radius
Minimal radius of curve negotiated (working): 150 m
Minimal radius of curve negotiated (running): 100 m
Height of coupler centerline above rail lever: 880 mm +/- 10 mm

Ballast distributing and profiling units:
Мaximum ballast distributing wight: 3620 mm
Мaximum profiling wight: 6600 mm
Maximum sweeping wight: 2450 mm

Hoper system:
Capacity of storage hopper: no hopper

  The REM 20ZII - Ballast Regulating Machine {II generation} is a second generation high output fully automated REM Ballast Regulator, special development and design by R&D Center “REM" with possibility for manufacture at stage zero in a REM plant by request of the client. This is a second generation of REM machine, automated with built – in autonomous systems: laser, for full remote control, for on-line diagnostics during operation, radars, georadars, GPS, 3D control and other REM systems. Our clients obtain a new class of Ballast Distributing and Profiling Machine with 18 month REM warranty, with high trustiness, high reliability and with high range of efficiency of up to 19 km/h.

The REM 20ZII ballast regulator is mainly applicable for ballast distribution, regulation andsleepers sweeping on railway. It is a member of the heavy-duty machinery used for railwaynew line construction, overhaul and maintenance.

The REMTECH ballast regulator the REM20ZII, the shoulder ploughs are positioned in front of the ballast crown plough. The shoulder ploughs profile the ballast shoulders and draw ballast up into the ballast crown to distribute it there according to the positioning of the baffle plates. Surplus material lands in the area around the sleeper-ends. 

   The machine has been designed and tested to operate in extremely severe working conditions like continuous loading, high ambient temperature (climate), dust, severe pollution of the ballast prism, night vision windows for operation/screening upon full guarantee of the safety of the servicing personnel through an innovation system of REM Radar. No matter of the modes of operation and load, the automated system for control guarantees the client in real conditions of exploitation on the rail road reaching of the assigned factory – design productivity of screening up to levels of 19km/h {Running speed while working 0-19 km/h}.

  Successful integration in the machine of patents, REM know – how and innovative REM systems for automation, control, diagnostics and securing of the work of the main key units and components (as per individual requirements and needs of each client), give the opportunity to any client to have a unique modern Ballast Distributing and Profiling Machine with customized requirements: with no analogue worldwide as to volume of further upgrading systems and automation. Each additional system gives unique opportunities for expanding of the capabilities of the machine, which generally result in minimum direct participation and engagement of a machine operator of upgrade, control and supervision during work:

 Variable plough equipment
   During work, the centre plough and the two shoulder ploughs are operated fully hydraulically from the workplace in the cabin. Due to the multiple variations of positioning as well as the fact that all ploughs can operate in both directions, it is possible to perform any desired displacement of the ballast..
  Powerful sweeper unit
  The sweeping device removes surplus ballast from the sleeper surfaces and fills the sleeper cribs. It is suspended on the main frame under the cabin between the two axles. Basically, the output of this unit determines the overall output of the machine during track maintenance, because normally the entire ballast bed profiling is carried out in one pass behind the tamping machine. To achieve this, the sweeper unit is equipped with a brush of large diameter and stepless adjustment of the rotating speed to adapt to the prevailing conditions. It is also capable of performing deep sweeping and sweeping work on switches and crossings.   

The REM 20ZII machine may be used for bi-directional ballast distributing, profiling operation and single-direction sweeping operation.
Deutz BF8L513 air-cooled engine is used with adequate reliability. The max self propelling speed is 100km/h.
Optimized working mechanism ensures perfect, reliable and durable use.
Full hydraulic drive model is employed. The close running hydraulic loop system is used. Electric-control speed adjustment brings high efficiency and easy operation.
Many protection devices such as high and low speed interlocking, brake and reverse protection, working mechanism locking and emergency recovery, etc will be used to ensure safe running and working.

REM 20ZII ballast regulator is mainly made up of engine, drive unit, brake system, running device, hydraulic system, rail level sweeper unit, conveyor belt, center plough, shoulder plough,frame, coupler, electrical system and driving cabs, etc. The machine is applicable for bi-directional ballast regulation, profiling and uni-directional sweeping. Center plough and lateral plough are fitted to be used for bi-directional ballast regulation and profiling operation on track bed.

The sleepers sweeping unit can clean the ballast from the ballast that accumulated during operation process. Then the ballast will be sent to the storage hopper through conveyor belt after collection. Ballast supplement can be ensured to both sides of rails where necessary. Alsothe swept ballast can be casted to both sides of the rails.

The center plough, lateral plough and sweeping device are provided with mechanical lock and pneumatic lock as well as locking indication.

DE air-cooled engine and transmission box are adopted with fully hydraulic transmission.

Various safety protection devices like high and low gear interlocking, brake protection, reverseprotection, working mechanism locking, emergency reset will be provided to ensure runningand working safety.

It will build with battery, DC motor pump, and hand oil pump to ensure reset in case of powersystem failure.

Power and drive system

The power and drive system mainly composes of engine, resilient shaft coupling, pump drive and axle gearbox, etc.


Deutz BF12L513C air-cooled engine is adopted with reliable performance, easy maintenance and long service time. Protecting shield will be provided outside the engine and drive device. Manhole is set on the lateral side that provides convenientmaintenance and service for the engine and drives system.

Type V-arranged 8 tanks, 4 strokes,turbocharged

Resilient shaft coupling and gearing axel

Resilient coupling is installed between engine and oil pump gearbox to prevent vibration of engine and gearing system for extended life circle. Oil pump gear box is applied to drive four hydraulic oil pumps respectively.

Oil pump gear box

Oil pump gear box is applied to drive four hydraulic oil pumps respectively.

Axle gearbox that has two identical structures is driven by variable displacement motor It has three gears as high-speed, low-speed and neutral. The gear shift is realized through electro-pneumatic control mechanism.

Main frame

Main frame is built in steel plate welding structure with sufficient strength and rigidity.

Lifting eye is provided for lifting overall car.

Running gear

The roller bearing will be mounted inside axle box with rod-positioning method. Primary metallic column helical spring suspension, paralleled with hydraulic damper will be used to absorb vibrations.

The car body skeleton is built in rectangular steel pipe welding structure. The side wall and ceiling is filled with heat proof, sound proof and fire retardant materials. The interiorsheaths are made of multi-hole aluminum plate. The floor is in multi-layer sealing structure, coated with floor leather which is sound proof and heat proof. Push-pull double layer glass side window are provided. The windshield uses safety glass.

Consoles are set at two ends with end I to control working and traveling. End 2 is provided with a high-speed traveling console.

A door at both ends of car body is provided in which 4 corium chairs are arranged.

Brake system includes air brake, brake riggings and hand brake.

Compressed air supply system includes air compressor, air dryer, main reservoir, check valve, reduction valve, oil water separator, etc, which is applied to generate, clean and store compressed air for pneumatic equipments as well as air brake.

Bypass brake is applied for a brake in work running via electro-control valve to chargebrake cylinder directly.

Auxiliary air system is including locking control circuit for center plough device, sweeping device and control circuit for air horn.

Brake riggings adopt wheel brake shoe. Its necessary rods are provided with safety hanger to ensure running safety.

Working device

The working unit is the actuator of ballast regulating and profiling operation, which is composed of center plough, lateral plough, sweeper device. The main function of center ploughland lateral plough is to perform ballast regulating and profiling operation. The sweeper device is used to remove residual ballast from sleepers and fastenings and transport the ballast to storage hopper to supplement where it is necessary.

Center plough

The center plough is used for ballast regulating and profiling operation on track center and shoulder composing support frame, elevating cylinder, main axle, center plough blade, center plough baffle elevating cylinder, main frame, check rail hood, wing blade, connection rod,wing blade adjusting cylinder and locking device etc. It is applicable for variable rails andsleepers. Four center plough blades are configured with 45° angle against track center with “X”symmetrical mode. The center plough blades with 450mm stroke can elevate in the sliding tunnel made by guiding plate of check rail hood and frame center axle. To realize variable open/close combination for 4 centre plough blades by controlling elevating cylinder to ena bledifferent ballast flux.

The locking device for center plough is provided including pneumatic locking and mechanical locking device to guarantee reliable locking while running.

Lateral device

The lateral plough is applicable for transporting track shoulder ballast along with track, and profiling as per requirement. It is mainly composed of rotation arm, slide sleeve, slide sleeve cylinder, rotation cylinder, main lateral plough blade, wing blade, wing blade cylinder, blade angle adjusting cylinder and locking mechanism etc. both left andright set of lateral plough is configured on both side of the machine symmetrically.

The slide sleeve of lateral plough can slide on rotation arm to adjust operation width of lateral plough.

Wing blade and main lateral plough are main implement units for realizing functions of lateral plough. The wing blade is located on both sides of the main lateral plough blade. Withthe telescopic movement of wing cylinder to adjust angle between wing blade and main lateral plough blade, the different flux of ballast on track shoulder can be realized. The blade ang leadjusting cylinder can adjust the angle between lateral plough blade and slide sleeve to make track shoulder profile required.

The locking device of lateral plough including locking hook and pneumatic lock can lock the lateral plough to retracted status.

One set of hand block is attached to reset lateral plough in case of failure.

Sleeper sweeper device

Sleeper sweeper device is composed of sweeping brush, conveyorbelt, elevating cylinder etc, and provided with rubber skirts to prevent too much dust while running. The locking mechanism for sweeper device, including pneumatic locking and mechanical locking device, is provided to guarantee reliable locking status while running.

Hydraulic system

Hydraulic system can be classified into running drive hydraulic system and working control hydraulic system.

The running drive hydraulic system is a close circuit composed of bi-directional variable displacement plunger pump (with electronic amplifier plate installed in oil pump),bi-directional variable displacement motor, oil filter, pressure gauge, oil tank and various control valves. The fluid flow and direction of hydraulic oil can be changed through adjusting inclination angle of variable displacement pump inclining disk, and in this way realize speed and direction control.

Working mechanism control system

The working mechanism hydraulic system consists of two open circuits: one workingcircuit to control center plough and lateral plough, composed of a gear pump, oil cylinder and various control valves; one circuit to control conveyor drive sweeping device, composed of one dual gear pump, two cycloid hydraulic motors and various control valves.

Electrical system

Electrical system is powered by DC24V, and can be classified as per its control info functions: power supply and engine control system, hydraulic running control system, workingcontrol system, lighting system, instrument display and alarm system as well as otherauxiliaries, etc.

Power supply and engine control system

The machine is equipped with two groups of DC24V batteries for short period power request during engine starts and engine stops. After engine starts, a DC generator will supply power to the whole machine and at the same time charge the battery, hence forming main power supply system, after that supply power to each power circuit through the machine.

Hydraulic running control system

Hydraulic running control system is composed of two parts: speed adjustment and axle gearbox gear shift.

The speed adjustment part is composed of electric control handle and the actuator on oilpump. It is used to adjustment the displacement of hydraulic oil pump and hydraulic oil fluid flow direction, and in this way to control car speed and direction.

The axle gear box gear shift part is composed of control switches on console, electric control valve, high and low speed shift cylinder. It has interlock and indication.

Working control system

The system consists of control for lateral plough, sweeper , movement and unloading of all mechanisms.

Illumination system

Illumination system covers electric circuits as running lights, indoors lights and working lights, etc.

Instrument display and alarm system

The instrument display covers odometer, oil level gauge, tachometer (including engine hour meter), engine oil pressure gauge and oil temperature gauge, engine cylinder cover temperature gauge, etc. The alarm system mainly consists of alarm indicators for high hydraulic oil temperature, oil filter clog, engine oil temperature high and oil pressure low, as well as the indicators for cylinder cover high temperature, axle gear box high/low gear eng agement/disengagement, center plough, sweepers locking, bypass brake, etc.

Auxiliary electric system

The machine is fitted with auxiliary electric circuit systems like electric control throttle, fan,electric horn, wiper, power socket and air conditioner control circuit, etc.

Air conditioner and generator set

The machine is equipped with WEBASTO  top-mounted hydraulic airconditioner with rated refrigerating capacity as 7.2kW

The machine is equipped with perfect safety protection devices to ensure working and running safety:

1. High-speed gear engagement, disengagement and low gear engagement, disengagement are interlocked.

2. Brake protection control system is fitted. When the brake is activated, if the pressure in brake cylinder exceeds 200kPa, the engine throttle will quickly reduce to idle position to avoidover speed. At the same time hydraulic circuit for running system is interrupted and electrolyte running system unloaded.

3. Reverse protection control is provided. When bypass switch is in ‘time delay’ position,and running speed regulating handle is back to middle position or adjusted to reverse direction,then system HP\& LP circuits are connected and the running system is unloading, generator throttle is back to idle position. At same time bypass brake is applied via time delay relay. When the relay bypass switch is in bypass position, above mentioned protection will not be activated.

4. Each operation switch and handle on front and rear console inside operator cabin isinterlocked electrically;

5. Horn button and fire extinction button is set around car body and at working position;

6. Alarm indicators for high hydraulic oil temperature, oil filter clog, engine oil temperature high and oil pressure low, as well as the indicators for cylinder cover high temperature, axle gearbox high/low gear engagement/disengagement, bypass brake, etc. are set;

7. Mechanical and pneumatic locking device with locking indication for center plough, lateral plough, sweeping device as well as laterally turning stop hook for lateral plough are provided; connection device is provided when left and right lateral ploughshare in reset position to prevent overturns and ensure safe running.

8. Battery, DC electric pump and hand pump are provided for recovery of working mechanism in case of power system failure.


Senior polyurethane paint with good weathering resistance is adopted. The paint film has superperformance of acid alkali, solvent and humidity resistance. Standard painting for chassis is black; car body and working mechanism are yellow. Also it can be re-designed according to the requirements of the customer.

  REM 20ZII Ballast Regulator
  - Ballast Regulator for tracks
  - Мaximum profiling wight 6.6 m
  - Мaximum sweeping width 2.5 m
  - Maximum ballast distributing width 3.6 m /no hopper/
  - Bogies with tho axles and retractable support axles for transfer travel
  - One work cabin

  - The worldwide REMTECHSTROY GROUP service network  

  The II generation: REM 20Z II
  Total machine hours: 00.000, Meleage: 000.000.
  Engine: Production Commins.
  Hydraulics: Production (DE, EC, REM EC).
  Complete logbook and history (service REM).
  New machine: Technical comment: REM Worked --- Shifts YTD ---.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.

  FREE of charge REM options included in the contractual price as a standard delivery for the end customer:
+Free option 1: The REMTECH to train Railways technicians on machine operation and maintenance in the REMTECH manufacturer plant.
+Free option 2: The REMTECH to train Railways technicians on machine operating and maintenance in the country customers
+Free option 3: Technical documents for operating, maintenance and repairs as well as spare parts catalogues in English language.
+Free option 4: A ll the plans and list of spare parts on CD.
+Free option 5: Adjustment of the machine as per the requirements of the Buyer.
+Free option 6: Air - conditioning system in the control cabins.
+Free option 7: E quipped with 4 buffers CAT A according to UIC 526-1. 
+Free option 8: Painting: Also it can be re-designed according to the requirements of the customer.


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