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Rebuilt 2011-Plasser 08-32
Rebuilt 2011-Plasser 09-32 CSM

Rebuilt 2011 year-Plasser USP2005SW

  The Plasser ballast distributing and profiling machines the USP2005SW, the shoulder ploughs are positioned in front of the ballast crown plough. The shoulder ploughs profile the ballast shoulders and draw ballast up into the ballast crown to distribute it there according to the positioning of the baffle plates. Surplus material lands in the area around the sleeper-ends. Afterwards, the sweeper unit removes the ballast stones left on the sleeper surfaces and, depending on the equipment of the machine, conveys them to the sleeper ends or on a steep conveyor belt into a ballast hopper.
  The USP2005SW is specially designed and constructed for the stringent requirements of high density, high tonnage railways. The basis for this is a sturdy main frame and its design easily fulfils the strict European standards as regards strength. Together with the high-quality undercarriage, the machine can travel at high speeds not only in train formation but also under own power.

  Variable plough equipment
  During work, the centre plough and the two shoulder ploughs are operated fully hydraulically from the workplace in the cabin. Due to the multiple variations of positioning as well as the fact that all ploughs can operate in both directions, it is possible to perform any desired displacement of the ballast..
  Powerful sweeper unit
  The sweeping device removes surplus ballast from the sleeper surfaces and fills the sleeper cribs. It is suspended on the main frame under the cabin between the two axles. Basically, the output of this unit determines the overall output of the machine during track maintenance, because normally the entire ballast bed profiling is carried out in one pass behind the tamping machine. To achieve this, the sweeper unit is equipped with a brush of large diameter and stepless adjustment of the rotating speed to adapt to the prevailing conditions. It is also capable of performing deep sweeping and sweeping work on switches and crossings.  
  Flexible treatment of ballast
  The ballast collected by the sweeper brush can be treated in two ways. Firstly, the sweeper unit is fitted with a transverse conveyor belt onto which the brush throws the ballast. The conveyor belt throws the ballast, as required, to the left or the right of the ballast shoulder. The machine is equipped with a ballast hopper and is able, by simple switch over, to throw the ballast onto an elevator conveyor belt which takes it directly to the hopper. The stored ballast can be used to fill the tamping zones at any time via four discharging outlets with hydraulic flaps. The positioning of these chutes immediately in front of the centre plough guarantees the technologically correct sequence of operation.
  The year model of the USP2005ZW is 2011 (Total machine hours: 00.000, Meleage: 000.000).
  The rebuild was in 2011 (*REM plant).
  Chassis USP2005ZW: Rebuilt 2011 (REM plant).
  Axles and transmission: Rebuilt 2011 (REM plant).
  Engine: New, production 2008, Rebuilt 2011(Deutz DE).
  Hydraulics: New production/Rebuilt 2011 (DE, AT, REM EC).
  REM warranty EC: 12 months
  Complete logbook and history (service REM).
  One owner. Technical comment: REM Worked 000 Shifts YTD.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.
+The Optional Broad Gauge Track 1520 mm: The rebuild in REM plant

Length over buffers: 16,750 mm
Broad Gauge Track: 1,435 mm, The Optional: 1,520 mm
Height over top of rail: 5,300 mm
Width: 3,150 mm
Wheel diameter: 920 mm
Wheelbase: 9,300 mm
Working rate (50-70mm): 1000 metres/hour
Transmission: Hydrostatic the two axes
Capacities: Fuel: 700 liters, hydraulic: 700 liters
Capacity bunker: 5 m3
Weight: 41 t
Engine output: 440 kW, Deutz TDC2015V8
Maximum traveling speed:  
- Self-propelled: 100 km/h
- Towed: 100km/h

  REM options:

  Photos Plasser USP2005SW ( before Rebuilt REM Plant.)

  Photos Plasser USP2005SW(Project 2011 after Rebuilt REM Plant).

  Plasser SSP and USP2005SW in action (example video that demonstrates operation of this type of machine in railway):

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