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Used Plasser Minima-2S

  The Plasser Crossing Tamper is minima 2s type is a small straight track machine suitable for train, tram and metro tracks. The 1435 mm gauge tamping machine is suitable for levelling, elevation, alignment and tamping of switches, crossings and tracks.
  The Minima machine is transported by truck. A minima-2S can tamp both normal and double sleepers..

  The year construction: 2003
  Motor hours: 3300
  The documentation: available by P&T on delivery
  CE certificate: Available
  Operators manual: Available
+Metro - electric rail:  Lifting frame adjustable 2842mm ->> 2375mm
+Tram - grooved rail options: :Extra wheel set grooved rail profile. Special rail clamp and tamping tools.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.
+The Options: No extra Grooved wheel set


Total mass: 7,6 ton
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Length over coupler: 4,717 mm
Width: 2,842 mm adjustable 2,375 mm
Engine power: 47 kW 2300 rpm, HATZ 4L41C
Travelling speed under own power/towed, max: 35 km/h
Height: 2,760 mm
Wheel diameter: 550 mm
Minimum curve radius - driving: 25 m
Minimum curve radius - working: 50 m
Maximum slope: 40 °/°°
Double sleepers: Yes
Sleeper distance adjustable: 600-800mm
Measuring method: laser
Working rate: up to 90 m/hour
Operating: 1 man
Tamping units: Works, Good mechanical condition
Axles and transmission: Works, Good mechanical condition
Engine: Works, Good mechanical condition

  Plasser Continuous Action Tamper in action

  Photos Used Plasser Minima-2S

  +Metro - electric rail
  Lifting frame adjustable 2842mm ->> 2375mm
  +Tram - grooved rail
  Grooved wheel set
  Rail clamps
  Tamping tools

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