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Rebuilt Plasser 09-32 C.A.T. Rebuilt Plasser 09-16 C.A.T.

Rebuilt Plasser 09-32 S2 - C.A.T. (CSM)

  This high product ion dual tie tamping machine is equipped with two 16-tool, non-synchronous tamping
heads with vibratory hydraulic squeeze system mounted on a self-propelled satellite frame. The 09-32 CAT. is standard equipped with fully automatic, computer controlled (AGGS) lifting, leveling and lining systems.
  Tamping cycle: automatic, semi-automatic or manually controlled. Failsafe brake shoe brake system.
Two, two axle trucks for safe, high speed travel. Sufficient illumination for night work, horn.
  Fully enclosed, heated, air conditioned, sound insulated cab with defroster system mounted on rubber
springs for operator and instrument protection. Retractable sun screens for windows and two fully adjustable seats with arm and head rests for operator comfort. The controls are fully automatic with manual
override and are solenoid controlled. Front mounted , fully enclosed, heated travel cab with fully adjustable seat and intercom system for rear cab communication.

  The year model of the tamper is 1990 (Total machine hours: 11.347, Total cycles or insertions of the workheads are: 4,953,823)
  The rebuild was in 1995 (Plasser America).
  The rebuild was in 2010 (*REM plant).
  Computer controlled (Plasser AGGS Shell-winnt v.6.02): Works perfectly.
  Operating system: Windows NT Workstation 4.0
  Tamping units: Works perfectly, after overhaul.
  Axles and transmission: ZF 4WG: Hrs. 936 - Works perfectly, after revision.
  Engine: Works perfectly, Detroit 8V92T: Replaced 2003.
  Hydraulics: Works perfectly, after revision and repair.
  REM warranty: 06 months
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.

Total mass: 63 ton
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Length over buffers: 19,700 mm
Centerpin Distance: 13,716 mm
Engine power: Detroit 8v92, 475 HP
Travelling speed under own power/towed, max: 80 km/h
Width: 2,997 mm
Height: 3,607 mm
Wheel diameter: 28"
Computer controlled: Plasser AGGS Shell-winnt v.6.02

  REM options:


  Photos Plasser 09-32 S- C.A.T.

  +Ballast Management PDB 50
  The Plasser Double Broom PDB 50 is a heavy duty double broom trailer designed for final track dressing while attached to the rear of a Plasser 09-Series Continuous Action Tamper (C.A.T.).
  The PDB 50 is a self contained unit equipped with two hydraulically driven ballast brooms and a diesel engine powered hydraulic system.

Length: 8,636 mm
Broad Gauge Track: 1,435 mm
Widht: 2,134 mm
Height: 1,829 mm
Weight: 12,8 ton
Travelling speed, max: 80 km/h
Wiheel Diameter: 711 mm
Engine Power: 240HP

++Ballast Management PPT 50
  The Plasser Plow Trailer PPT 50 has a heavy duty trailer mounted x-type transfer plow and shoulder profiling wings. The shoulder profiling wings allow ballast to be retrieved and brought into the transfer plow for distribution while profiling the shoulders to the proper slope angle.
  The front trailer operation is controlled by the operator of either a Plasser 09-Series Continuous Action Tamper..

Length: 7,518 mm
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Widht: 2,540 mm
Height: 1,524 mm
Weight: 14,9 ton
Travelling speed, max: 80 km/h
Wiheel Diameter: 711 mm

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