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Plasser 09-16 C.A.T.

  The Plasser Continuous Action Tamper 09-16 C.A.T. is a heavy duty, high speed, continuous action production track tamping machine. All track working units are mounted on a separate, self-propelled, satellite frame that is mounted within the 09-16 C.A.T.'s main frame. The 09-16 C.A.T. is standard equipped with fully automatic, computer controlled (AGGS) lifting, leveling and lining systems.

  The year model of the tamper is 1987.
  The rebuild was in 1997.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.

Total mass: 35 ton
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Length over buffers: 16,200 mm
Wheelbase: 10,200 mm
Engine power: Caterpillar model CATP-9702, 300 kW
Travelling speed under own power/towed, max: 80 km/h
Width: 2,860 mm
Height: 3,300 mm
Distance between Axles: 32'9"
Wheel diameter: 28"
Special volume: 1.07 m3/ton
Load per meter of track: 6.5 ton/m
Axle load: 23 ton
Computer controlled (AGGS): Works perfectly
Tamping units: Works, Good mechanical condition
Axles and transmission: Works, Good mechanical condition
Engine: Works, Good mechanical condition

  Plasser Continuous Action Tamper in action

  Photos Used Plasser 09-16 C.A.T.

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