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Rebuilt 2011/2012 year- Ballast Wagon FCCS

  The Ballast Wagon transports ballast to the workstation, where it is dumped in the track. Ballastwagon is transported by a motor trolley and has a capasity of up to 22 m3.

  The Ballast Wagon FCCS
  - The worldwide REMTECHSTROY GROUP service network  

  The year model of the wagon is 2011/2012
  (Total machine hours: 00.000, Meleage: 000.000).
  The rebuild was in 2011 (*REM plant).
  Chassis Ballast Wagon 1976-77: Rebuilt 2011 (*REM plant).
  Axles: Rebuilt 2011 (*REM plant).
  Pneumatics: Rebuilt 2011 (DE, REM EC).
  REM warranty EC: 12 months
  Complete logbook and history (service REM).
  Documentation for maintenance: Yes
  Recent revisision EC is NEW 2011/2012.
  One owner. Technical comment: REM Worked 000 Shifts YTD.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.

Total mass: 12,6 ton
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Length: 9,700 mm
Width: 2,700 mm
Silo capasity: 22 m3
Travelling speed under own power/towed, max: 100 km/h
Height: 3,025 mm
Axle: 2
Type: Fccs
Strenght: 119 Lwa
Axles and transmission: Good mechanical condition, after revisision 2012

  REM options:

  Photos Used Ballast Wagon - FCCS

  Photos Ballast Wagon - FCCS (Project 2011/2012* after Rebuilt REM Plant).

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