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Rebuilt 2011 year- Donelli PD-350 gantry cranes

   The Donelli set comprises two PTH-350 gantry cranes with a lifting capacity of 9 kN each and a spreader beam with a deadweight of 4700 kg and load-carrying capacity of 13300 kg.
  The set will be used for:
  removing tracks
  Tracks are split into the so-called “spans” (with a length of 24 - 36 metres and with a weight of up to 13.3 tonnes) and seized by two pairs of stationary tongs at the ends of the spreader beam and by one pair of movable tongs between the stationary ones.
  laying sleepers for a new track
  A new track is laid by means of two rows of chains with grips capable to carry from 60 sleepers weighing up to 220 kg to 40 sleepers weighing up to 320 kg.
  The whole set travels along a working track usually made from rails intended for building into the new track. The machinery was manufacturer from GEISMAR.

  The Donelli PTH-350
  - The worldwide REMTECHSTROY GROUP service network  

  The year model of the gantry cranes is 2011
  (Total machine hours: 00.000, Meleage: 000.000).
  The rebuild was in 2011 (*REM plant).
  Chassis Donnelli PTH-350: Rebuilt 2011 (*REM plant).
  Controlled: Rebuilt 2011 (*REM plant).
  Axles and transmission: Rebuilt 2011 (*REM plant).
  Engine: Rebuilt 2011( DE).
  Hydraulics: New production/Rebuilt 2011 (DE, AT, REM EC).
  REM warranty EC: 12 months
  Complete logbook and history (service REM).
  One owner. Technical comment: REM Worked 000 Shifts YTD.
  The price is FOB Port of Bulgaria: For Price and More Information Call.

Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm, 1000 mm, 1520 mm
Quantity: 1 sets (2 cranes)
Total weight: 6.5 tons
Width: 3,820 mm
Outer wheel flange face spacing: 3,310 mm (auxiliary rails)
Engine power: 54.4 kW
Max. self-propelled speed: 12 km/h
Performance characteristics:  
Lifting capacity: 9 tons per gantry
Lifting height: 3,320 mm above auxiliary track
Hydraulic system: Works, Rebuilt 2011,
REM warranty EC: 12 months
Axles and transmission: Works, Rebuilt 2011,
REM warranty EC: 12 months
Engine: Works, Rebuilt 2011,
REM warranty EC: 12 months

  REM options:

  Donelli PTH-350 gantry cranes in action

  Photos Donelli PTH-350 ( before Rebuilt REM Plant.)

  Photos Donelli PTH-350 (Project 2011/2012* - REM Plant Rebuilt)

  Photos Donelli PTH-350 (Project 2011/2012* after Rebuilt REM Plant).

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