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    The Steno Rail Grinder Atlas 16-2 is intended for maintenance of the rail top profile and grinding after welding for continuous welded rail. The machine has had two main traction axles. Axle suspension is executed with sheet springs and hydraulic damper for discharge of fluctuations upon movement on the rail road.
   Operation is done from a command deck and a Steno computer.
    The operating part of the machine consists of 16 Grinder units with diamond discs, situated on auxiliary "bogies" under the machine chassis .

   The price for rent: For Price and More Information Call.

Total mass: 42,200 ton
Broad Gauge Track: 1435 mm
Length: 15,35 m
Computer controlled: Speno
Engine power: Detroit

Performance summary
Travel speed: 80 km/h
Grade capability: 0-4%

Productivity upon grinding : 400-800 m/h

Productivity depends on:

- the type of set programme Speno;
  - the type of the rails and their state: new/old;
  - type and degree of wearing out.

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  Photos Rail Grinder Speno Atlas 16-2.

  Photos Rail Grinder Speno Atlas 16-2 - Computer controlled.

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